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If you pay your bills on time,
and respect the laws of copyright,
you probably don’t need
to read this page.

Thanks for instructing me to write copy for your business. Before we get underway, please read the following terms of business. They are here to ensure your project runs smoothly, from both our points of view.

1. Contract.
This agreement is between you (‘The Client’), and Jeremy Mathias (‘The Writer’) of 165 Basin Approach, London E14 7JN, and is subject to UK law. The Client confirms they are authorised to enter into this agreement, and that they, or the company which employs them, are financially solvent.  

2. Rates.
Work is estimated either at £350.00 per day, or for projects anticipated to take less than a day, at £60 per hour. Alternatively, at The Writer’s discretion, work can be estimated at a fixed fee, per project. In all cases, reasonable expenses, such as travel to and from The Client’s premises, are not included in the estimate, and are charged for separately. Currently, VAT (value added tax) is not charged on any work. The aforementioned rates include minor amendments to the finished work, but exclude substantial amends, or
re-writes, which are charged for in accordance with The Writer’s standard rates.

3. Deposit.
Acceptance of The Writer’s estimate, and instruction to proceed, must be submitted in writing (if emailed, a scanned, signed document with a company letterhead is acceptable). To start the project, The Client must pay a deposit of 50%. If, after having accepted the initial estimate, The Client should request additional work, a further 50% deposit is required for each piece of additional work requested. The remaining balance on all pieces of work, plus any reasonable expenses incurred by The Writer, are payable within 5 days of receipt of The Writer’s final invoice, which is submitted to The Client by email with the finished work.

4. Payment.
Payment may be made by direct bank transfer, cheque, or PayPal. To make a payment now, please click here.

5. Late payment.
The Writer adheres to the UK Government's Better Payment Practice Code. This means if full payment is not received from The Client within 5 working days of the due date shown on the final invoice, interest is charged at 8%, plus the Bank of England’s base rate (currently 0.5%). Under the Code, The Client may also be liable for a compensation payment.

For more information about the Better Payment Practice Code, please click here.

6. Copyright.
All work produced by The Writer is protected under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act, 1988. Therefore, the copyright and intellectual property rights for any work commissioned do not pass from The Writer to The Client, until full payment is received. The Writer reserves the right to publish all or part of any work for promotional purposes.

7. Indemnity.
The Client will indemnify The Writer against any costs arising as a result of any claim by a third party, apparently in relation to the work produced by The Writer for The Client.

8. Liability.
The Writer accepts no liability for any claim by The Client for any loss of profit or revenue, apparently in relation to the work produced by The Writer for The Client.

9. Guarantee.
I, Jeremy Mathias, promise to use all my copywriting experience and expertise to produce top quality, effective marketing or advertising for your business. If, for any reason, you feel the work I have produced for you fails to live up to this assurance, please notify me, in writing, at the address given in point 1, within 48 hours of delivery.

Please be absolutely specific as to why you are dissatisfied. I will respond, in writing, within 48 hours, with my views as to what may have gone wrong, and will re-visit the project to address your concerns. Should you remain dissatisfied, you are invited to terminate the contract between us, and I will promptly reimburse your deposit(s). Please note, that in the unlikely event a project ends in this manner, you are bound by the law of copyright not to make use of any part of the work I have produced (see point 6).

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