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If you’re struggling to write your own copy,
it’s hardly surprising.

I know I’d have a hard time trying to perform
your trade, or profession, to perfection.

When you start a business, you do everything yourself. You ‘wear all the hats’, as they say.

As business gains momentum, you have less time to be a Jack of all trades, so you start delegating work to specialists, such as an accountant, and web designer.

But if you’re like many business owners, the task you’re reluctant to let go of, is writing copy.  By doing it yourself, you’re in control, and saving money into the bargain.

That’s fine if you know what you’re doing. After all, well-written sales letters, leaflets, emails, advertisements and web content all have the power to attract new customers to your business, as well as retain your existing ones.

However, get it wrong, and every piece you write has the potential to repel your customers to your nearest competitor. The UK’s recycling bins (actual and virtual) are full of ill-judged copy, much of which suffers from at least one of the following:

  • Grammatical errors. It only takes simple errors, such as the misuse of apostrophes, to irritate consumers enough to put them off dealing with you.
  • Lack of clarity. Consumers don’t have time to decipher what your business does, or why they should use it. If you’re not clear about the product or service on offer, they’ll simply find another business that is.
  • Lack of credibility. When you write clumsy sentences, highlight weak or irrelevant benefits, or make outrageous claims, your audience soon cease to believe you’re a serious business.

If you are struggling, stop. At the end of the day, you’re not in business to write copy, but fortunately for you, I am. So contact me now and I’ll write yours to perfection.





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